10 - Tribute to W. Robert "Bob" McDaniel"> 10 - Tribute to W. Robert "Bob" McDaniel"> 10 - Tribute to W. Robert "Bob" McDaniel">
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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

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110 - Tribute to W. Robert "Bob" McDaniel

William Paul Waits: waitswp@att.net

Thank you for this site to honor our brave Vietnam pilots. Bob McDaniel was my neighbor in Dickinson, and a deer hunting buddy. Bob taught me to fly. Bob was a great man who loved his country and honored the men he served with. Many of the stories Bob related regarding missions into Northern Laos and North Vietnam (during the Paris Peace talks) made me appreciate what a difficult and dangerous job these pilots endured. Bob also told a few stories of the "Jolly Green Giant" pilot extraction crews sent in to recover downed pilots - what a dangerous and most appreciated job. Bob said the Thud pilots would fight to buy these helicopter crewmen bar drinks. Bob shared a story of how the pilots almost had an opportunity to drop a bomb on Hanoi Jane; however, Washington refused to clear the mission which would fly near her. I honor each of the men listed in this website and the job they did in SE Asia. Our Vietnam Vets coming home from war did not receive the heroes welcome they richly deserved..

Thank you for the nice tribute. Take care, Jack

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