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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

Happy and Jake Shuler's Reunion 2015 Pictures

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  • Al & Sue Reiter at the banquet.
  • Augie Augsburger.
  • Bartz & Ed Sykes.
  • Chuck & Jane Irwin.
  • David Groark & Juetta Wells.
  • Dick & Barbara Heyman.
  • Gary & Jeanie Confer.
  • Ken & Gay Mays.
  • Harvey Prosser at the banquet.
  • Pat & Homer Terry.
  • Irv & Sally Levine.
  • Jake & Happy Shuler.
  • Joyce, Jep, Brian & Jim King.
  • Ken Mays wth our Guest Speaker Bob Gift of Boeing.
  • Larry & Mary Bogemann.
  • Linda Glasser, Brenda Wambough, Bill Glasser.
  • Margaret Head, Nancy Gordon, George Clausen, Gretchen Hammerich, & Kathy de Contreras.
  • Roger Bolstad, Lisa Glasser, John Wambough.
  • Steve & Jolie Falls.
  • Tony Andrews.
  • Flying Heritage Collection.
  • Flying Heritage Collection.
  • Flying Heritage Collection.
  • Pilots & Family Left to Right: Jake Shuler, Happy Shuler, Jim King, Augie Augsburger, Harvey Prosser, Joyce King, Sue Reiter, Mary Bogemann, Larry Bogemann, Al Reiter, Jolie Falls, Steve Falls, Brenda Wambough, Gary Confer, John Wambough, Jeanie Confer, Sally Levine, Irv Levine, Ken Mays, Gretchen Hemmerich, George Clausen, Homer Terry, Nancy Clausen Gordon, Kathy Clausen de Contreras, Margaret Clausen Head, Gay Mays, Tony Andrews, Pat Terry (Not present for picture – David Groark, Juetta Wells, Ed Sykes, Chuck & Jane Irwin).
  • Pilots Left to Right: Harvey Prosser, Larry Bogemann, Augie Augsburger, Steve Falls, Jim King, John Wambough, Al Reiter, Gary Confer, Irv Levine, George Clausen, Ken Mas, Tony Andrews, Jake Shuler, Homer Terry (Not present for picture – David Groark, Chuck Irwin & Ed Sykes).
  • Harbor Tour.
  • Harbor Tour.
  • Harbor Tour.
  • Harbor Tour.
  • Hospitality Room - Clyde Falls Memorial.
  • Hospitality Room - Ed Sykes with SingHa Beer.
  • Hospitality Room - Harvey's Painting.
  • Ken & Steve Booze Delivery.
  • Hospitality Room - War Stories - Dick & John - We Brief at O Dark Thirty.
  • Hospitality Room - War Stories.
  • Hospitality Room - More War Stories.
  • Hospitality Room - Still More War Stories.
  • Hospitality Room - War Stories Continue.
  • Hospitality Room - War Stories.
  • Irv Levine sings.
  • Ivar's Acres of Clams 1.
  • Ivar's Acres of Clams 2.
  • Ivar's Acres of Clams 3.
  • Ivar's Acres of Clams 4.
  • Museum of Flight with even more war stories.

Thanks for the nice pictures Happy and Jake!

In Remembrance Of Those Who Served!