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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

Summary of Reunion 2012 at Colorado Springs

By Vern Ellis

The 2012 reunion was, once again, well attended. We had 26 squadron members from a total of 14 states that registered for this year’s reunion and with wives, family and friends, a total of 52 attended various portions of our scheduled activities.
Attendees were:
  • Augie Augsburger,
  • Doug Beyer,
  • Larry & Mary Bogemann,
  • Gary & Anne Catren,
  • George Clausen,
  • Hugh Davis,
  • Vern & Scotty Ellis,
  • Steve & Jolie Falls,
  • Al & Ann Fick,
  • Tony & Brenda Germann,
  • Don & Ginger Hodge,
  • Larry Hoppe,
  • Dave Igleman,
  • Chuck & Jane Irwin,
  • Ed & Pat Jones,
  • Ken & Gay Mays,
  • John & Jo Murphy,
  • Howard & Wray Plunkett,
  • Joe & Frances Sechler,
  • Jake & Happy Shuler,
  • Sully & Ada Sullivan,
  • Homer & Pat Terry,
  • John & Brenda Wambough,
  • Joe Widhalm.

Chuck Irwin’s nephew, Dick Ellis & his wife, Marilyn, joined us for the AFA tour and Bob Klingensmith’s widow, Miriam, and sons, Joe & Mark, were also our guests at the Friday evening farewell dinner.

We were also privileged to have two of Ivor Goodrich’s daughters, Joni Schur & Donna Sanders and Joni’s husband, Robert drive down from Ft. Collins, CO to join us Friday evening.

Jake & Happy Shuler, Ken & Gay Mays, and Vern & Scotty Ellis all arrived at the Academy Hotel a day early to set up the hospitality room and ice down the beverages for the upcoming 4 days.

Howard & Wray Plunkett also arrived early with a marvelous display of models and memorabilia that set the tone for the many war stories and recollections to come.

The hospitality room really started to come alive on Tuesday as more and more of the members and wives arrived. Handshakes, hugs, laughter and endless chatter filled the room and went well into the evening.

(Quick….ice down some more beer!)
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John Wambough graciously stepped forward and volunteered to host our next reunion. The 2014 reunion will be at Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Check the 2014 Reunion Page for the latest info. We want to see you all there in 2014!

In Remembrance Of Those Who Served!