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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

Guys: Last name starting with L through M

These are some of the men that were members of the 34th TFS during the Thud era. Click on a name to see a picture from that era and a current address if we have it. Howard Plunkett has compiled F-105 histories on most of the people and these can be accessed via a link under the name.

(Click most pictures for larger images.)


Clarence (Clancy) E. Langford - Deceased
Clancy Langford

Clipping courtesy of Paul Fredericksen.

Clancy Langford

Major C. E. Langford finished his 100 missions in September 1968. (Courtesy of John Murphy)

Clancy Langford

And now his "Snoopy" ride. (Courtesy of John Murphy)

Clancy died on January 12, 2014 (obituary).
Carl William Lasiter
We don't have a vintage picture of Carl, but he is listed as Returned With Honor on the Honor Roll Page.
The POW Network has more details of his shoot down and capture.

Carl is also honored on Veteran Tributes.
Douglas G. Lauck
Doug Lauck
Doug Lauck

Doug Lauck finishes his 100 missions in September 1966.


Current address:
3509 Parliament Dr,
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
John R. "Rick" Layman - Deceased
Rick Layman
Rick Layman with his 100 mission pineapple. August 1966.
John "Rick" Layman died on July 3, 2006 at age 72.
Dalton L. "Lefty" Leftwich - Deceased
Lefty Leftwich

Dick Lee on left (100 mission thing around his neck), Lefty and LtCol Fritz Treyz.

Lefty Leftwich

LtCol Fritz Treyz, Lefty & Don Revers taking Dan Cherry to the pool.

Lefty Leftwich

Hal Henning and Lefty in a heavy discussion.

Another picture is the squadron photo from October 1967.

Dalton L. "Lefty" Leftwich completed his 100 missions in December 1967.
Lefty contracted Alzheimer's and died January 9, 2011.
William O. Lessard - Deceased
William Lessard
This flight briefing shows Bill at the left along with Ray Lewis, Jim Mitchell, Bill Ricks and Ed Rasimus; June or July 1966.
He completed 100 missions in November 1966.

William Lessard died July 27, 2020, at age 87.
Obituary (pdf file)

Irving E. LeVine
Irv LeVine

Irv Levine (June 1967-May 1968).

Current address:
566 SW Paiute St,
Mountain Home, ID 83647

Merrill Ray Lewis - Deceased
Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis in 1966 while TDY with the 421st TFS.

Ray Lewis

Ray in the 35th TFS just prior to the Korat deployment.

Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis

Ray with daughter Tamara and wife Jan.

Ray brought Roscoe to Korat and was TDY to the 34th when he was shot down on July 20, 1966.
More detail is on the POW Network.
Merrill Ray Lewis was killed in action on 20 July 1966.
Carl B. Light - Deceased
Carl Light

Carl Light in 1968.

Carl Light

Carl Light after rescue.

Carl was shot down in pack 1, June 8, 1968 in F-105 No. 61-0055. He was recovered in fair shape several days later in an astounding rescue amongst a hotbed of AAA and ground fire.

The Stars & Stripes newspaper ran two stories about his shoot down and the rescue.
Carl died on October 30, 2013, at the age of 81 one day before his wife's death.
Kenneth G. Lindell
Ken Lindell
Ken is second from the right in this Wild Weasel Class.
Ken Lindell
He is second from the left with this group.
Kenneth was in the 469th before transferring to the 34th TFS. He was one of the 34th pilots operating from Takhli during Korat's runway refurbishment.
Charles Loucks - Deceased
We don't have a vintage picture of Charles, but he appears in the May 1967 squadron photo.
Charles died in November 1999 as a result of a vehicle accident.
Clayton Bane Lyle III
Bane Lyle

Captain Bane Lyle in 1968.


Current address:
7501 Doswell Lane,
Austin, TX 78739


Calvin (Cal) H. Markwood
Cal Markwood

Catching some rays with Roscoe.

Cal Markwood

Cal completed his 100 missions on December 1, 1967, as a member of the 44th TFS.

Cal Markwood
Cal Markwood
Cal Markwood
Cal arrived in May 1967 with the Ryan's Raiders and was assigned to the 34th TFS for a short period.

A YouTube interview with Cal done in August 2013 by his son Scott.
Current address:
7400 W. Grant Ranch Blvd., No. 8,
Littleton, CO 80123

Robert L. "Bobby" Martin
Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin and George Clausen heading out for a flight; mid-1967.
Richard D. Matthews
Richard Matthews
Dick in 1968 (Courtesy of John Murphy).
Kenneth W. Mays
Ken Mays
Ken Mays

Ken finished his 100 missions in February 1968.

Ken Mays

Ken gets the scarf while Jim Metz at left and Col. Norman Phillips watch.

Ken Mays

Time for a ride to the club on the Snoopy trailer.

Ken was involved in making the Snoopy trailer; read his story (opens in new window).
Current address:
2879 Pilgrim Lane,
Lorena, TX 76655
James N. McClelland - Deceased
Jim McClelland
Jim McClelland and Bill Kennedy waiting for a ride; mid-1967.
Jim died November 12, 2012 at age 82.
William R. "Bob" McDaniel - Deceased
Bob McDaniel

Early 1969.

Bob McDaniel

As a new LtCol in 1970 he receives awards earned during his F-105 tour.

Bob is also shown in the March 1969 Squadron picture.
Bob passed away October 6, 2002, as a consequence of kidney cancer.
Carl W. McKenzie - Deceased
Carl McKenzie

Carl McKenzie, the squadron operations officer in 1967.

Carl McKenzie

Hard at work on the schedule.

Carl McKenzie

Gotta relax now and then.

Carl McKenzie

Carl finishes his 100 in June 1967.

Carl is honored on the Military Times Hall of Valor.
Carl died December 8, 2009, at the age of 84.
James Hardin Metz - Deceased
James Metz

Jim is third from left in the back row in the F-105 training class; December 1967.

James Metz

An enlargement from the class picture.

James Metz

Jim at the left congratulates Ken Mays while Col. Norman Phillips watches.

Major James Metz was shot down on April 15, 1968, He was captured and died in captivity.
He is honored on the Honor Roll page. More detail on the POW Network.
He is also shown in the 1968 Squadron picture.
Robert B. Middleton

We don't have a vintage picture of Bob.

He was assigned to the 34th TFS for a short time in 1967.

James I. Miholick - Deceased
James Miholick
Colonel Chairsell congratulates Captain Jim Miholick on completion of 100 mission in September 1966. The scarf shown on Jim later became the squadron 100 mission scarf.
James Miholick
Jim's crew chief doesn't appear too excited to receive his customary case of beer after the 100 mission flight.
Jim passed away on 4 July 2018. He requested no obituary or memorial service.
Robert G. Moore

We don't have a vintage picture of Bob, but he is shown in the early 1968 Squadron Picture.

Sam P. Morgan Jr.
Sam Morgan
Sam Morgan in late 1967.

Sam returned to the 34th in 1976 as commander at Hill AFB, F-4's.

Current address:
347 Fox Fire Estates Circle, Waynesville, NC 28785
John S. Murphy
John Murphy

John in early 1968.

John Murphy

John in the black suit completes his 100 missions; Doug Roysdon at left. (Courtesy of John Murphy)

John finished his 100 missions in September 1968.

Veteran Tribute Biography.
Current address:
5103 Cory Ct.,
Arlington, TX.

Home phone: 817-563-5859. Cell phone: 940-859-1593.


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