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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

Reunion 2010
These great pictures provided by Joe Sechler give a nice overview of the reunion and who was able to attend. Click any picture for a description and a larger image or start at the beginning and step through them in slideshow fashion.
  • Ken welcomes Larry Hoppe.
  • Don Revers gives the guys a few pointers.
  • History & memorabilia of 34th in hospitality room.
  • Don Fryauf is happy to be there.
  • Ralph Durnbaugh.
  • Don Revers in a contemplative moment.
  • David Carter & Larry Hoppe looking over history.
  • Bob Reed.
  • O L Bell & John Murphy.
  • Ken Mays.
  • Bob Jones.
  • Steve Falls, son of Clyde; an honor to have him with us.
  • Vern Ellis, our 2012 host at Colorado Springs.
  • Ed Jones.
  • George Clausen.
  • Dave Igelman.
  • Doug Beyer.
  • Larry Hoppe.
  • Howard Plunkett, F-105 historian extraordinaire.
  • John Murphy.
  • Irv LeVine.
  • Elizabeth & Rufus Dye.
  • Sally LeVine, Wray Plunkett, & Harry Paddon.
  • Doug Beyer & Dave Igelman looking over downtown targets hit.
  • Howard's chart of 100 mission guys.
  • Jake Shuler's memorabilia.
  • Howard Plunkett's squadron history binder.
  • Howard Plunkett, Irv Levine & Bob Jones looking over charts.
  • Sally LeVine, Larry Hoppe, Doug Beyer & Dave Igelman in hospitality room.
  • Gay Mays showing us how to dress in Fort Worth.
  • Jake & Happy Shuler, Sally LeVine, & Chris Beyer heading for Billy Bob's.
  • John Murphy & John Wambough trying hard to remember; Kay Reed in background.
  • Frances & Joe Sechler, Happy Shuler & Chris Beyer.
  • Line dancing at Billy Bob's.
  • Tour guide telling the history of Fort Worth, stockyards, cattle drives & Chisholm Trail.
  • Each guy is given a beautiful wooden bowl made by Ken.
  • Next door to the hotel.
  • Livestock Exchange.
  • Stockyards Coliseum.
  • Frances & Joe Sechler, John Wambough, John Murphy, Harry Paddon eating BBQ at Riscky's.

In Remembrance Of Those Who Served!