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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969
Honor Bench

34th TFS Honor Roll - All Gave Some... Some Gave All

Those Who Gave All

NameDateF-105 #Shoot down location
1stLt. John B. Sullivan III21 June 196662-4358POL storage near Kep - AAA.
Capt. Merrill R. Lewis
(note: Roscoe's "daddy")
20 July 196662-4308Near Vu Chua bridge.
1stLt. Rainford M. Tiffin21 July 196662-422710 miles north of Yen Bai - AAA.
1stLt. Glen F. "Buzz" Bullock10 Oct. 196662-4300Take-off accident.
Capt. James P. Gauley10 Jan. 196762-4265Northern Laos - 34th mission.
Lt.Col. Joseph C. Austin19 Mar. 196761-0123Near Ban Karai Pass.
Capt. Peter Potter Pitman
Maj. Robert Allan Stewart
12 May 196763-8269 (F)Near the Ron Ferry complex; Ryan's Raider mission.
Capt. John (Jack) W. Swanson15 June 196761-0213Near Dong Khe.
Capt. Robert M. Elliot14 Feb. 6860-0418Near Paul Doumer bridge.
Maj. James H. Metz*15 April 6861-0206Near Van Loc.
Maj. Billy R. Givens25 April 6860-0436Landing accident at Korat.
Maj. Seymour R. Bass14 May 6861-0132Mid-air collision over Thailand.
Maj. Eugene P. Beresik31 May 6860-0409AAA - Tiger Island.
1st Lt. Robert J. Zukowski11 Feb. 6962-5256Near Ban Topen.
1st Lt. David T. Dinan (2017 Update)17 Mar. 6961-0104Plain of Jars.
Maj. Peter B. Christianson3 April 6962-4269Plain of Jars.

Returned With Honor

NameDateF-105 #Shoot down location
Maj. Dewey L. Smith
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
2 June 196761-0190Near Kep.
Maj. Donald L. Heiliger
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
Maj. Ben Pollard
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
15 May 196762-4429 (F)En route to Kep RR Yards; Ryan's Raider mission.
Maj. Dwight E. Sullivan
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
17 Oct. 196760-0425Near Dap Cau Bridge.
Maj. Donald E. Odell
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
(POW Network)
17 Oct. 196762-4326Near Dap Cau Bridge.
Capt. Anthony C. Andrews
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
17 Oct. 196761-0205Near Dap Cau Bridge.
Col. John P. Flynn
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
27 Oct. 196762-4231SAM over Hanoi.
Maj. Raymond Vissotsky19 Nov. 19676?-1170Near Hanoi.
Capt. Carl W. Lasiter
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
4 Feb. 196860-5384Near barracks at Thai Nguyen.
Maj. Roger D. Ingvalson
(Veteran's History Interview)
(Veteran Tribute Biography)
28 May 196861-01945 miles north of Don Hoi.

Note: Major James H. Metz was captured, died in captivity and is listed under "Those Who Gave All".

F-105 Aircrew Names Killed or POW

The 34th TFS men listed above were only a portion of F-105 crews who died or were POWs during the war. Howard Plunkett compiled two lists described on the buttons below. Each can be displayed as a pdf file in a new window by clicking a button.

Memorial Journal

The 34th TFS Memorial Journal contains the names of deceased 34th TFS F-105 pilots, starting with those who were lost in 1966 and coming forward to those who have passed away in peacetime. More details and all the names are shown on the following page.

Honor Plaque

Former 34th TFS member W. E. "Augie" Augsburger and his wife Phyllis donated a beautiful bronze plaque on a marble pedestal to the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery at Boise, Idaho. More information about the cemetery and a list of those interred there (through 2005) is at
Plaque Inscription
"In honor of the F-105 Fighter Pilots of the Red River Fighter Pilots Association, assigned to the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed May 1966 to May 1969 at Korat Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand Flying Combat Air Operations in the high threat region around, north and east of Hanoi, North Vietnam."
Honor Plaque

Thank you Augie and Phyllis!

In Remembrance Of Those Who Served!

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