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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

Aircrew Group Pictures

May 1967

May 1967

Front row, L to R: Charles Loucks, ?, George Clausen, Carl McKenzie, E. Johnston, Ed Jones, Paul Koeltzow.
Middle row: Jack Youngblood, Frank Smith, Ray Jauregui, Homer Terry, Don Fryauf.
Back row: Dewey Smith, ?, ?, Nick Donelson, Don Austin, Dave Carter, Jack Spearman, Doctor Ken Singer, John Whaley.

This is most of the squadron except for squadron commander Alan Nelson and Rod Giffin's flight which was on R & R (Jim McClelland, Harry Pawlik, Jack Phillips, & Bobby Martin).

October 1967

October 1967

Front row sitting L to R: Robert Elliott, Ken Mays, Col. James Bean, George Clausen, Rod Giffin, William King & Billy Givens.
Middle row kneeling: Bill Blakslee, Col. John Flynn, David Dickson, LtCol. Mervin Taylor, LtCol. Robert Smith, Raymond Vissotsky, Donald Revers, & Vernon Ellis.
Middle row standing: Floyd Heinzig, Larry Hoppe, Donald Zimmerman, James Daniel, Clyde Falls, Jake Shuler, Spence Armstrong, LtCol. William Evans, David Ingleman, David Waldrop, Donald Hodge, Sam Morgan, Robert Crane, Almer Barner, Douglas Beyer, & James Taylor.
Back row: Lawrence Klinestiver, Hugh Davis & Dalton Leftwich.
Harry Paddon was on duty in the command post, but assigned to the squadron.

(Courtesy of Monty Pharmer.)

Sometime in 1968, Before April 1

Early 1968

Front row L to R: Bill Thomas, Jim Barr, Clancy Langford, Dave Ingleman, Ed Hartman, John Murphy, Ben Fuhrman, Jack Brooks, Bob Moore, Monty Pharmer, Rog Ingvalson, Darrell Ahrens.
Back row: Jim Metz, Bill Blakslee, Jim Ross, Carl Light, Don Hodge, Gary Durkee, Larry Bogemann, Bob Smith (Sq. CO), Mel Irwin, Joe Sechler, Bill Shunney, Ken Everett, Ivor Goodrich, Sam Bass.

(Courtesy of Marty Pharmer.)

March 1969

Front row L to R: Lt Ed Sykes, Capt Richard Tracey, Maj Harold "Pappy" Kahler (KIA), Lt Ron Hoffmeyer, Capt Bane Lyle, Capt Eben "Jonesy" Jones (Also a Misty FAC), Maj Manfred "Carl" Holly, Lt Danny Seals.
Back row: LtCol Harvey W. Prosser (Sq CO), Maj Christianson (KIA), LtCol Glass, Maj William R "Bob" Mc Daniel (Later 12 TFS Ops Officer and Wild Weasel), Maj Chuck Ferrari (Test Pilot Grad), Maj Guy Pulliam, Lt Al Reiter, Capt J.D. Cottingham, Lt John Crotty, Lt Dave Hartman, Maj Paul Swanson, Lt Marshall Tilly, Capt John Schell, Lt Bob Bryan, Lt Joe Widhalm, Maj Sheldon Cooper. Not shown: Capt Ken Lindell.

(Courtesy of Bane Lyle.)

In Remembrance Of Those Who Served!

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