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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

The Snoopy Wagon

By Kenneth W. Mays

Don (Digger) Odell and I decided to build a 100 mission wagon after witnessing the members of the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron riding in the back of a pickup for their celebration of completing 100 missions over North Vietnam.

About 15 September 1967 we pooled our ideas and decided to obtain the material and assemble a suitable means of conveyance to use for the 100 mission celebration. Our collaboration led to the use of a Snoopy theme---a dog house with Snoopy on top. Material for the project was not ready available so a little “Midnight Requisition” was required. Digger borrowed a small trailer from the motor pool. We took it to a shop where a cutting torch was available and then modified it to meet our requirements. I believe to this day Digger signed for the trailer. A person from the Army gave us a seat with a safety belt from a Jeep. I knew the folks in the Civil Engineering carpentry shop. Because of this contact I was able to borrow some plywood. I was allowed to use their shop tools to cut out and construct Snoopy and his dog house. They also generously “loaned” us paint and brushes.

As I worked on the box, Digger worked on the chassis of the trailer. Unfortunately Digger had to bail out over North Vietnam before the project was completed. I continued on with the project. Not being an artist I got the Thai janitor to assist me with the art work. He took Snoopy into Korat where someone painted it. The 100 mission Snoopy Wagon was completed about mid-November. One of Bob Hopes' Stars rode on the wagon when they arrived for their Christmas 1967 program.

Here’s to all who took a ride on the wagon.
Snoopy Wagon

In Remembrance Of Those Who Served!