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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

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85 - Roscoe

Col William C Koch Jr, USAF (Ret):

I saw your picture of Roscoe's paw print. This is how it got there. I was a Navigator on an EC-121. One day, as I was leaving the KABOOM dining room, a Thai workman was working on that little segment of concrete. Just then Roscoe walked over it and left a paw print. The workman started to smooth it over, but I told him no and actually printed the name Roscoe under the paw print. I used a very thin "something" and I guess the name got filled in. I do not know who took the photos.

Hi William, Thank you for the Roscoe addition. He was everybody's friend and I sure missed him when he passed. I was back in the 34th TFS driving F-4E's at the time. And thanks for your service too. Take care, Jack


30 - Ray Lewis and Roscoe

Cherilyn Holton:

I have just been sent your webpage today, and I must admit it is quite interesting, learning more than before.
I am Ray Lewis's sister, and have just learned of this major F-105 pilots and family, learning about a wonderful man, whom I only knew as my oldest brother who flew jets and was MIA until 1989 (from 1966). A very long time to anguish over his condition. I have now been able to put a closure and this weight coming off my heart.
I was only 16 when Ray went MIA, so learning about this side of his F-105 Family is truly a miracle in my eyes.
Roscoe (Ray's dog) is American, I just can't prove it. He got him on "a street corner" and followed him home, according to Ray, just like the story he smuggled him into Japan in his F-105 (another character) of Ray's. Ray was the most charactis, funny, gentleman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Apparently, he was loved and his personality preceded his death, with many family members from the F-105. Here 40+ years later learning about this man I adored, is truly a miracle for me.
Thank you Jack, for your great words and stories.


29 - Ray and Roscoe...Together Again~

Charley C Holton:

Hi! I am the youngest brother of Merrill R. Lewis, aka Roscoe's dad~ After 40 years , I have found this web site and many others about Ray and Roscoe...
I want to express my sincere Thanks and Love to those who cared for Roscoe, and my Respect for those F-105 pilots and crews. I am honored just to read your brave and heroic stories...
God bless you and yours, Charley C. Holton
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