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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

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111 - Memories of the 34th TFS

Dennis Gurnee., Msgt Retire 96:

Jack, I launched you several times during July of 1967 when I first arrived in country. And of course, I was at the festivities on the ramp when you returned from your 100th mission. Being a young first term airman I really did grasp the significance of that entire year, I just rolled with the flow and enjoyed it quietly. Only now, at near 70 years old do I appreciate that segment of my 30 year career. I am so thankful for that long, very long year that now that I think about it, went by so fast. The friendships I had, the experiences, all are memories that seem to be getting fuzzier everyday. Then reading all the post on this guest book and the many 105 groups on FB refreshes my memory banks daily. Within the last few months I started my own group on FB, "The Thai Connection~F105 Style" Our group is small but growing fast. When I left Korat and returned to the CONUS I stayed in the AF until 69 than left to join the Kansas Air Guard at McConnell so I could once again work on my beloved THUD's and I stay there until 96. Still check this guestbook weekly to renew my connection. Was an Honor to have Served with You Sir. Great Group and Web site.

Thank you for your service Dennis. I will be in touch by email. Take care, Jack


103 - Locate friend

Dennis Gurnee:

Trying to locate Mike Osier crew chief on A/C F105 #58-1157 at Korat 67-68 34th TFS. Hey guys, need to make contact and renew the years and catch up on each other, please respond!

Dennis, Thank you for your service. Good luck on hearing from some of the guys. Take care, Jack


90 - Memories of the 34th TFS

Dennis Gurnee. Msgt, retired:

Arrived Korat Jun 67 assigned to the Best Squadron on the base, 34th TFS. Assigned to Flt Line, played fast~pitch softball on Squadron team in my off-duty time. Biggest regret was I did not keep contact info for all the great friends I had made in the unit. Remember Flt Chief Tsgt Elvis Barton and Line Chief Msgt Accock. My roommate Terry Silvius (from KC, Mo) Robin Phillip (Ok) and Hugh Croaker (Ok) but lost their addresses somewhere along the way. Remember one Thud Driver, helped throw him in pool after 100th Mission, Maj Donald Revers. Understand he has passed, He was a good man and a great pilot. Returned to US and continued with a 30 year career in the USAF and Full Time Air Guard Technician at McConnell AFB Wichita Ks. Retired in Oct 96. Would like to locate some of those lost friends I served with in the 34th from Jun 67 to May 68 and also to get info on the next 34th TFS Reunion so that I may attend.

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