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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

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62 - Pictorial book; F-105 combat names and nose art

Dave Hansen:

WOW! Excellent website! I was an airframe repairman assigned to the 388th FMS and thus, serving all three squadrons: 01 Dec 68-30 Nov 69. I then pulled a consecutive tour of duty at last working night in the Active USAF was the Son Tay Raid, where I assessed the battle damage on,"Firebird 03" and commenced repairs. I also pulled 60-day TDYs at Ubon and Takhli.
I am now preparing a book about Thud names and nose art. If anyone is so inclined, won't you please help me to preserve our history as a legacy for future generations of war-fighters? Please give me your complete contact data...I'm no computer pro.
After a half-century in aviation maintenance and nearly fifty types of aircraft under my care, the mighty Thud stands head and shoulders above them all. She was big, she was fast, she was tough and she was heart-achingly beautiful. Once again, this is an outstanding website...well done and many thanks for your effort to make it so!
Dave Hansen;
3936 E Elm Rd
Oak Creek, WI 53154-6622
(414) 764-1326

Dave, Thanks for your entry and your service. Glad you are enjoying the web site. Good luck on your book. Be sure and let us know when it is available. Take care, Jack


61 - Alan K. Rutherford

Eric Rutherford:

Hi, I just wanted to write you guys and let know you what a wonderful job you are doing with this site. We found out about the site because last week my grandfather, Alan K. Rutherford, passed away. We are all still terribly sad but your site has been a window back into his flying days for myself and our family. Though I think I am currently the only one to have read his entire history/pdf, I'm sure many will follow in their own time. Your team has done an excellent job of keeping track of records, references, and pictures. It is great to see you've included emails directly from my grandfather. I was even able to find out the name and email of the PJ who saved my grandfather when he was forced to eject on August 6, 1966. That really is amazing. The entire site looks great. Anyways, thank you guys so much for all your hard work. We really appreciate it. God bless!

Eric, Thank you for the entry and your kind words; glad the family found the information interesting. Sorry for the recent loss of your grandfather. Take care, Jack


60 - 34th Fighting Bulls

A1C Larry G. Mitchell:

I was next door, actually the next wing of the same barracks in the 13TFS Panther Pack. I was weapons load, jammer driver. June '66 to June '67. Knew some of the 34th guys to include Fes Cannady, Tom Mitchell and a host of others. We were the first group to populate Korat and we worked hard to fight the war. Seems some of the later troops had a somewhat different work ethic to some degree. But I do not chastise, we all did our jobs and tried to help end the war run by Johnson and McNamara--losers in my opinion. Happy to see history preserved here. Anybody remember me, drop me an email. Mitchie-san. Retired in Utah.

Larry, Thanks for your entry and your service. It was indeed an interesting time and we all did what we had to do. Take care, Jack


59 - My photos on your web site

Fes Cannady:

I Goggled my name today to find out if there were any listings with my name on them. I found your wonderful site with a link to my site of Korat photos. I don't know how you found my site but you are welcome to it and I thank you for the credit by using my name. FYI, I sell my DVD/CD package on eBay for $11.95 but for those that contact me directly it is only $11.00 paid AFTER your receive it and satisfied. Just email me you name and shipping address. The DVD/CD has what is on the web site plus about 2000 jpg images collected from others that were sent to me with permission to use. Of course, the uncensored images from the DVD/CD are much clearer than the web site.
Anyway, I enjoyed my tour as an A1C in the 34th TFS from May 66 to May 67. I was MMS working the flight line loading ordinance. Thank you for putting this on the internet for all to enjoy.

Hi Fes, Good to hear from you again. You first posted on this guest book October 3, 2006 (#19) and we exchanged emails so I could get permission to use your pictures and links. I also purchased your DVD with all the fine pictures; everyone Who was at Korat should have it ( Take care, Jack


58 - Combat

Leo Callahan:

I am grateful that my years in the AF were finally fulfilled with a combat tour with the best of best in the 34TFS at Korat from Aug of 66 to Mar 67.

Leo, Nice to hear from you; thanks for the post. It was an honor to serve with you. Take care, Jack


57 - Charles Loucks

Allan Loucks:

Great website. My father was Charles Loucks, who retired out of Seymour Johnson in December 1976. Due to medical reasons he never flew after retirement; however, I could always tell that a piece of his heart -- flying -- was torn away. Unfortunately, he was killed in a single-car accident in November 1999. It is ironic that he can fly 150 mission over North Vietnam without a scratch, and end up losing his life driving a car. He always talked about his time with you all, and we will always miss his stories (even if we knew some of them were B.S.). We have missed him since the day we lost him. Incidentally, we scattered his ashes out of an Cessna window over the Pacific.

Allan, Thank you for the entry and for identifying your dad in the squadron picture of May 1967. I'll be in touch via email. Take care, Jack


56 - Great website

Steve White:

Excellent excellent website. My late father in law was Lt. Colonel (ret) Robert "Bob" Phillips who was at Korat from April to October 1966 with the 421st TFS. Bob left Korat to work as a IP in the RTU training program at McConnell AFB at the 23rd TFW with the 560th TFS, 4519th CCTS, and 419th TFTS until retirement in 1972. I am always seeking info from Bob's career and anyone who worked with him.

Steve, Thank you for the entry and the kind words. I served with Bob at McConnell and will contact you with more info. He was a great fighter pilot! Take care, Jack


55 - I was a crew chief of 61-0220 - June 68 until March 69

SSgt Mike Jarosz: (

I was also squadron painter for a lot of the aircraft in the wing. It was a time of feeling I was doing the right thing for the U.S. and I will always cherish doing my best for the pilots to always have a good plane ready for them.

Mike, Thanks for the entry and thank you for your service. Without you guys doing the great job there would have been no flights. Take care, Jack


54 - 34th TFS

Charles (Bill) Forshey, TSgt (ret.):

I was a weapons loader with the 34th from July 68 until they switched to the F-4's. they moved me on to the 44th until they switched then on to the 388th MMS to finish out my tour. I sure loved that old "Thud". That was the first aircraft I loaded at McConnell AFB, Wichita, Ks. then we all shipped out to Korat. I have some photos from over there I'll have to dig out. Sure wish I would have taken more. Hope to hear from anyone who remembers me. Our load team: #1 man, Sgt Gene Smith, #2-Sgt. Steve Fisher, #3-A1C Mike Fasslen (sp) and #4 man-A1C Charles Forshey (Bill).

Bill, Thanks for this entry and thank you for your service. I'm sure we crossed paths at McConnell, but time dims the memories. Take care, Jack


53 - Website

Don Austin:

Jack Phillips........thanks for website update! Very nice.
I sure hope all my fellow combat pilots/friends are doing well!!

Don Austin

Don, Thanks for the kind words. We're adding things all the time, so keep looking around. This is one guy who is doing just fine. Take care, Jack


52 - 34th dining table at Korat and slides of 34th F-4 deployment from Eglin

Lem Jones:

Does anyone happen to know what happened to the 34th's dining room table at Korat when they left? I also had sent a lot of slides of our deployment to Korat from Eglin (F-4E") to the Sq. at Hill and wonder what became of them. Thanks for any info about the above or info on anyone with the F-4's in '69 and '70.

51 - Information on 35th TFS/347TFW 1968-1971

Taylor Jones:

Dear Sirs:
My father, Joseph T. Jones, was in the 35th TFS/347th TFW out of Yokota, Osan and I think maybe Tachikawa from 1968-1971 or so and I was wondering if you all had any information on 35th TFS reunions or whether he would be welcome at your reunions. He said he knew some guys in the 34th TFS when he was over there as pilots transferred between Squadrons. He flew a lot with another pilot named Nick Kemp. Thank you for any help you can provide.
W/R, Taylor Jones
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