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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

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133 - Dan Belcher

Dan Belcher:

Saw the movie "Thud Pilots" on Amazon Prime. Loved it so much I played the part of Roscoe for my wife. Dogs are amazing animals! FYI, my Dad was a WWII "Hump Pilot" and spent years in the USAF Reserve after the war. He retired as a Lt. Col. As for my self, I got my private pilot license in 1977 any enjoyed flying with my Dad. Now a days, I'm retired and enjoy scale modeling. I have a BIG 1/32 scale F-105D that I'll be tackling soon. I'll have to put it in 34 TFS markings for sure.

132 - Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston:

Thank you so much Rams for the wonderful reunion. We were deeply humbled and honored to take part. As always you are more then welcome anytime at our fighter bar "Roscoe's" (Fighter ops, bldg 5, Hill AFB, UT). We will proudly display our Thud heritage and will continually update the Ram Thud Era Memorial Journal you presented us.

Geezus Cavazos, the Ram DO takes over the squadron this Friday, 17 May 2019. His email is

Respectfully, Scout, Ram-1

131 - Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston:

Thanks Rams! We'll see you at Wright Patterson AFB next week! We are bringing out two F-35s, four pilots, and three maintainers. McConnell AFB is providing us tankers on Wednesday and Friday to get us there and back. Appreciate everyone who reached out with history and a visit by "Jonesy" Jones last week to share stories in Roscoe's. We are humbled to be part of this event.

Schwarma! Respectfully, Scout, Ram-1

130 - Pat Adamy

Pat Adamy:

I got to Korat September 19, 1969, on the flight line until we moved to Takhli Air Base. Would like to meet some of the NCOs that i worked for plus line chief & other airman.

Pat Adamy here in Columbus, Nebraska. 402-276-1879

129 - Mike Parr

Mike Parr:

I was at Korat from September 1967 to October 1968. Assigned to the 34th and lived in the barracks, but worked at 388th Wing Headquarters as an intel specialist setting up and marking targets.

128 - Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston:

Hello fellow Rams, thank you for all your service and sacrifices. I'm proud to wear the Ram patch! Open invitation to visit Roscoe's bar in the 34th and we'll get a tour of the squadron and the F-35 for your family. Bring a picture we can hang on the wall please! We are trying to get as much Ram history on the walls as possible but we need your help.
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