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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

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7 - Checking in

Sam Armstrong:

I was in the 34th from 1 Oct. '67 to May '68. I hope other guys will come up on the net. The rally at WPAFB in Sept. '05 sounds about right so count on me being there. I trust Bob Smith will have recovered enough to take his normal place of leadership!

5 - Great Web Site!

Homer Terry:

Jack - Just viewed your web site for the first time. You have done a great job putting the web site together. I don't know if Ken Mays has contacted you. He organized a 34th mini-reunion at the Rat reunion and we had eight of us attend. You can contact him at He is planning to try to have a 34th reunion at Wright-Patterson in about September 2005. More detail will be forthcoming from him.
I appreciate your making good use of my Korat pictures. I hope others will contribute. I have some "framing" photos of some of airborne pictures and will send you some.


3 - Great Website and Thank You!!!

Gary Baker:

Jack, Enjoyed viewing your site! Hand Salute to you and to all our brave veterans, then and now. The more one learns of the men of the 34th TFS, the more one will come to appreciate their superb devotion to duty and daring over very dangerous skies in an unpopular place. Skilled professionals all - those who executed, those who planned, and those who supported the mission. May all of us be inspired by the actions of this special breed of men! And To those who did not return, we shall Never Forget you! Thank you and God Bless!


2 - Korat RTAFB

Dave McNeil:

Great website Jack. Thank you for developing a website dedicated to the 34th TFS during the 67 era. Will visit often.
This is a great addition to other websites dedicated to the preservation of the F-105, the TFSs, those who flew and those who worked on this awesome Fighter Aircraft, and to "those who gave all".


1 - Welcome to the guest book!

Your faithful administrator:

I wanted to give this a try just to see if it works OK. Please let us hear from you and share some of your stories about the Thud at Korat with the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron.
Check six,
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