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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969

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120 - Korat service

Joe Julich:
I was a Radar Technician on the ASG19 Weapons Control systems. I was TDY from Yokota, Japan to Korat during the summer of 1967. I also was assigned to Korat in 1973 to 1974. Joe Julich, USAF Retired.

Joe, Thank you for your service. Take care, Jack


119 - Weapons Loader

Delbert Johnson:

Drove weapons dispatch line truck for 34th and 13th squadrons. Aug 66-Aug 67. Retired 1981.Taught JROTC until 2002.

Thank you for your service. Sure we crossed paths. Take care, Jack


117 - Korat Service

Richard Conley:

Was stationed at Korat. 68-69 worked 2nd shift in the Jet Engine shop. PW J75P19w. Would like to contact my fellow mechanics.

Richard, Thank you for your service. Take care, Jack


116 - Hello

Tom Ferrell:

Just passing through. Nice site. We had some of your birds at Andrews AFB with the 113th TFW. Loved the sound of the Thud in the overhead pattern. We then went to laser designator modded F-4D then F-16A/B/C/D. I was a crew chief on them.

Tom, Thanks for your service. The Thud sound was unique. Take care, Jack


115 - Ryan's Raider Ben Pollard, gone west

David Piontek:

I am a fellow Veteran (1980's era F-14 RIO) and belong to several Veteran aviator groups in San Diego, which Ben also belonged to. I am sad to report that Ben passed away at his home in San Diego this past Veteran's Day, November 11, 2016. A Memorial Service is being held this coming Friday, December 2, 2016, at 10:30am at the Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, 17010 Pomerado Rd in San Diego, CA 92128.

David, Thank you for your service. And thanks for letting us know about the Memorial Service. Take care, Jack


113 - Squadron Painter

SSgt Mike Jarosz: cc acft 61-0220,

What I really meant was I was the squadron nose artist/painter.

Mike, Thank you for your service and some nice art work. Take care, Jack


112 - Crew Chief 67 / 68

Paul Witek:

I realize that many great guys served at Korat but I will admit that working on the F105 was the best experience I ever had. I started with the Thunderchief at Nellis AFB. I have worked on many types of aircraft but the Thunderchief was the best in my eyes. I was lucky enough to have crewed JJ 555. Thanks for the page it is great to bring back memories after all these years.

Paul, Thank you for your service. It was a great aircraft. Take care, Jack


111 - Memories of the 34th TFS

Dennis Gurnee., Msgt Retire 96:

Jack, I launched you several times during July of 1967 when I first arrived in country. And of course, I was at the festivities on the ramp when you returned from your 100th mission. Being a young first term airman I really did grasp the significance of that entire year, I just rolled with the flow and enjoyed it quietly. Only now, at near 70 years old do I appreciate that segment of my 30 year career. I am so thankful for that long, very long year that now that I think about it, went by so fast. The friendships I had, the experiences, all are memories that seem to be getting fuzzier everyday. Then reading all the post on this guest book and the many 105 groups on FB refreshes my memory banks daily. Within the last few months I started my own group on FB, "The Thai Connection~F105 Style" Our group is small but growing fast. When I left Korat and returned to the CONUS I stayed in the AF until 69 than left to join the Kansas Air Guard at McConnell so I could once again work on my beloved THUD's and I stay there until 96. Still check this guestbook weekly to renew my connection. Was an Honor to have Served with You Sir. Great Group and Web site.

Thank you for your service Dennis. I will be in touch by email. Take care, Jack


110 - Tribute to W. Robert "Bob" McDaniel

William Paul Waits:

Thank you for this site to honor our brave Vietnam pilots. Bob McDaniel was my neighbor in Dickinson, and a deer hunting buddy. Bob taught me to fly. Bob was a great man who loved his country and honored the men he served with. Many of the stories Bob related regarding missions into Northern Laos and North Vietnam (during the Paris Peace talks) made me appreciate what a difficult and dangerous job these pilots endured. Bob also told a few stories of the "Jolly Green Giant" pilot extraction crews sent in to recover downed pilots - what a dangerous and most appreciated job. Bob said the Thud pilots would fight to buy these helicopter crewmen bar drinks. Bob shared a story of how the pilots almost had an opportunity to drop a bomb on Hanoi Jane; however, Washington refused to clear the mission which would fly near her. I honor each of the men listed in this website and the job they did in SE Asia. Our Vietnam Vets coming home from war did not receive the heroes welcome they richly deserved..

Thank you for the nice tribute. Take care, Jack


109 - Comment

Tom Bell:

I began my 68-69 tour at Korat as crew Chief in the 34th TFS however as they began to convert to the F4C I was transferred to the 44th. I live with the knowledge that I was the last person to talk face to face with several brave and committed fighter pilots who failed to return from their last combat mission. God bless them and all the men and women who proudly served.
Thanks, Dr. Tom Bell, SSGT 44th TFS, PACAF

Tom, Thank you for your service. Take care, Jack

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